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McLean, Texas, began life as a cattle loading site along the Rosk Island Railroad but in 1901 the first house was built and Arthur Rowe, an Englishman, saw a great opportunity in the area and donated land to build a small town.


In 1902 the town, now named McLean,  grew rapidly and the first post office was opened and by the following year the town boasted 2 banks, 2 livery stables, 2 wagon yards, 2 cafes, a lumber yard, a furniture store and a newspaper called 'McLean News'.


Sadly Arthur Rowe, the town's founder decided to return to England but never returned as he met his death on the Titanic returning to Texas. A legend states that he was found him hugging hs briefcase, frozen to death on the top of an iceberg and with this gold watch still ticking.


In 1927, the town became a popular stop on Route 66 - The mother Road - and brought the golden age to McLean when, over the next few years, the town boasted 16 gas stations, 6 motels and numerous cafes and diners. By 1949 McLean had 6 churches, 59 businesses and a population of over 1500.However, despite many protests from the town, McLean became the last Texas town to be bypassed by the new Interstate 40 in 1984.


This new road spelled disaster for McLean and over the last few years, the vast majori=ority of the businesses have closed and the population halved. Today therei s one diner, one restaurant, one church, one gas station, one motel and a couple of shops. Despite this, the local population are determoned to keep the town alive and show a real pioneer spirit.


DL012244 - McLean Texas USA


Driving along Interstate 40 this is sign that brings your McLean. Not as effective as the road itself which ran straight through the town until 1984