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Nicky White

Our Lady's Island is situated on the south east coast of Co: Wexford. Well known as a place of pilgramage, the 'isand' is really a peninsula and contains church ruins, a leaning tower, a castle and a graveyard. Although visitors travel to the site throughout the year, the annual pigramge in August draws hundreds of people from all over Ireland.


In a quiet corner I found the little graveyard containing a handful of headstones. Most were very old and had obvioulsy stood there for years.


One headstone stood out mainly because it seemed to be shining even on a very dull day. I felt that this may have been because it was a new stone but on closer inspectiion I noticed that it too was almost 100 years old.  The sad thing about this stone was the fact that the grave contained the body of a 7 year old boy and identified by some rather crude hand-carved lettering. Maybe by a grieving father? We may never know but this is my tribute to a young Nicky White.